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SuperGeo marks presence in Papua New Guinea

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies announced that SPZ Enterprise in Papua New Guinea selected SuperGIS Desktop 3 and SuperPad 3 to enhance geospatial project services for local government.

SPZ Enterprise focuses on the project services in the fields of environment planning, agriculture, land management, reforestation and plantation, serving the clients in Oceania and Papua New Guinea. With SuperPad 3, a fully functional mobile GIS application, the field staff at SPZ Enterprise can carry a large amount of geospatial data with a handheld device to operate various field tasks, such as measurement, editing, collection, and updating field data in a convenient way. The captured data can then be further visualised, edited, managed, and displayed by SuperGIS Desktop 3, to be better utilised in related projects.

Meanwhile, the company also announced that in addition to current Mobile Cadastral GIS and SuperGIS Mobile Tour, SuperGeo will soon release SuperSurv and Android SDK soon. For the needs in collecting data in field survey, SuperGeo is developing SuperSurv. The new mobile GIS application contains necessary field GIS functions for users to collect data and add point, line, polygon features with GPS signals. Also, SuperSurv will support camera function on the mobile device. It will enable surveyors to enhance the data accuracy and enrich the data content quickly.

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