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SuperGeo launches software for spatial data collection

Taiwan: SuperGeo launched SuperField 3.1, the lightweight, task-oriented mobile GIS software. SuperField 3.1 and SuperPad 3.1 are both mobile GIS applications. SuperField 3.1 is designed for lightweight field-workers who require basic GIS functions to accomplish field investigation effectively. On the other hand, SuperPad is the full-function GIS software which contains diverse GIS tools and functions and enables users to synchronize survey data and spatial database through the Internet.

For users who require basic GIS tools and data collection, SuperField 3.1 is the very mobile GIS application which can assist users in completing field task such as adding, editing, querying spatial data, etc, in a economical and easy way.

SuperField 3.1 has an easy and friendly user interface that supports multiple languages such as traditional Chinese, Chinese, English, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, and Turkish. Therefore, users whose first language is not English can also complete field task efficiently and precisely via this friendly manipulating environment.

In addition, with flexible customising functions, SuperField 3.1 can be customised to fit users’ need in various projects. Besides the existing functions, SuperField 3.1 can be developed with varied GIS functions like GPS, mapping and so forth.

Source: SuperGeo