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SuperGeo in partnership with Cody Corporation in Oceania

Taiwan: SuperGeo announced its new partnership in Oceania, where Cody Corporation will distribute SuperGIS series software exclusively in Australia and New Zealand.

“Observing the rapid development of SuperGeo in global GIS market, Cody Corporation intends to distribute SuperGIS series products, especially SuperPad, the full-function mobile GIS software, in the Oceania market,” said SuperGeo.

SuperGeo also arranged a training programme for the new partner in its Taipei headquarter, Taiwan. “We hope to support our partners first by the newly designed product training programme, including the latest features of SuperGIS 3.0 version software.” said Willy Wang, the Director of SuperGeo Support Center. “The deep understanding of comprehensive SuperGIS products is the base of future success.”

“We wish to provide a turnkey solution combining the GIS/GPS hardware that we are reselling now with SuperPad 3, which is with fantastic cost and robust functions.” mentioned Cody Corporation. “We will also promote other nice SuperGIS software to offer all GIS users in Oceania an excellent GIS alternative.”

In recent days, SuperGeo developed support for character codes of different languages in SuperPad 3 and shared the success story of Bus Transport Supervision System.

Bus Transport Supervision System
SuperGeo developed Bus Transport Supervision System for Taiwan government to enhance the transportation quality in the country. The system enables transport authorities to effectively manage the real-time data and the related records stored in the database. It is based on WebGIS structure.

SuperPad 3 supports character codes of different languages
SuperGeo announced that SuperPad 3 supports to read the code page of vector layers. It can also show the attribute data correctly according to the settings of the code page when users query the data. Additionally, SuperPad 3 contains hundreds of settings of the code page, enabling you to set the code page when you are adding a new layer.

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