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SuperGeo enhancing land management, agro-research

Taiwan: Construction and Planning Agency (CPA) in Taiwan selected SuperWebGIS, a web server software, for its ‘Examination System of Non-Urban Land Development Permission’. The CPA is a central government authority responsible for national spatial resource planning. It is also responsible for balancing regional development, promoting urban regeneration and managing non-urban land development permission.

In order to deal with large quantities of cases each year, the CPA developed Examination System of Non-Urban Land Development Permission, a platform which facilitated data management and accelerated the query system. The CPS integrated SuperWebGIS software with the platform to manage numerous map data, image data and publish the resources on the Internet.

There are 2 coordinate systems used currently in Taiwan. Due to the large amounts of image data, the different coordinate systems will influence the layer overlaying. So the platform utilises SuperGIS 67-97 CTS Analyst, which can automatically convert the uploaded map data to the same coordinate to facilitate map display and enhance map accuracy.

In addition, SuperGeo announced that Sierra Leone Agriculture Ltd. selected SuperGIS Desktop 3 and SuperPad 3 to improve agricultural research and palm oil plantation business in Sierra Leone, West Africa. With nearly 60% of the income from agriculture industry, Sierra Leone relies on land management and agricultural development.

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