SuperGeo enhances presence in Malaysia

SuperGeo enhances presence in Malaysia



SuperGeo Malaysia, the subsidiary company of SuperGeo Technologies, has recruited two sub-dealers, MYSPATIAL Sdn. Bhd. and Satscanner Sdn. Bhd., to enhance the local development of SuperGIS software in Malaysia.

MYSPATIAL Sdn. Bhd. focuses on GIS and remote sensing technologies. Its applications include mapping and the analyses in the domains of agriculture, land management, infrastructure, forestry, etc. Satscanner Sdn. Bhd, on the other hand, applies satellite and GIS technologies to the development, survey, planning, and mapping business of palm oil industry. It also offers professional satellite image processing service for the local users.

The two Malaysian companies both hope to enhance the current product lines by the inclusion of SuperGIS software. SuperGeo Malaysia is the subsidiary company co-built by SuperGeo Technologies and its original exclusive partner, Axis Commerce. SuperGeo Malaysia expects to recruit more sub-dealers in dissimilar locations and various professional domains.

Source: SuperGeo