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SuperGeo develops Truck Dispatch Management System

Taiwan: SuperGeo developed Truck Dispatch Management System for construction sites to track trucks’ status and improve the efficiency of truck dispatch by using SuperObjects and GPS technologies. The status of each construction site and truck can be accurately checked via the platform.

Consequently, the project intends to apply GIS technologies to build a dispatch management system to help dispatchers manage the trucks between ready mixed concrete (RMC) factories and the sites. Thus, the efficiency of dispatch operation can be improved and the work efficiency can be optimised too.
RMC Truck Dispatch Management System combines GIS, GPS, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), communication system and electronic detection technologies. The system enables the dispatch centre to effectively track each truck’s real-time status. Thus, the dispatch centre can adjust the delivery intervals based on the current status.

The system adopts SuperObjects developed by SuperGeo Technologies to develop each GIS function. SuperObjects is a SDK based on COM objects; its library is composed of over 100 interfaces. As a result, developers can utilise the objects and interfaces to develop the needed GIS functions to satisfy their requirements.

GIS training in Taipei
In another context, the company has announced that it is going to hold professional GIS training course with Taiwan GIS Center (TGIC) in Taipei during August 5 – 6, 2010. TGIC, a significant staff sector under the Council for Economic Planning and Development, is in charge of regulating and promoting important GIS-related policies as well as allocating GIS expenditures in Taiwan. In order to promote GIS knowledge and applications to the academia, SuperGeo Technologies and TGIC will co-establish a GIS training program for the professors and graduate students from universities.

The trainer is Willy Wang, the Director of GIS Training and Support Center at SuperGeo Technologies. During the 2-day programme, Wang will introduce GIS concepts, spatial analysis, data querying and editing, image rectification, and map designing, etc. to the trainees.

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