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SuperGeo develops Historical Demography GIS

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies developed Historical Demography GIS, a WebGIS system that allows users to view the population structure at a specific time in a specific area.

As the historical demographic data is crucial for understanding the population structure, the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica, established Taiwan Colonial Household Registration Census Database in 2005. In 2010, in order to promote and meet the needs for studies of historical population, the Historical Demography GIS was developed, with the architecture of Taiwan Economic and Social Indicator GIS, as the foundation to provide the scholars with a tool to explore the historical demography.

Taiwan Historical Demography GIS is a WebGIS based system for querying historical demographic data of Taiwan. This Web-GIS applies SuperWebGIS as the map server platform to publish maps and historical demographic data of Taiwan via the Internet.

Its prime ingredients are two servers, database server and application server (AP server). In addition, there are five categories of functions in Taiwan Historical Demography GIS, including Map Display and Basic Manipulation, Data Search, Draw the Thematic Map, Draw Statistics Chart and Export Data and Layer.

In future, the system will use historical demographic data as the foundation to further expand the domains of hygiene, medical care, social, economic and land survey.

Source: SuperGeo