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SuperGeo develops Economic and Social Indicator GIS

Taiwan: SuperGeo developed ‘Economic and Social Indicator GIS’ for Academia Sinica, Taiwan. It is an integrated platform with thematic maps and statistical charts on WebGIS, providing important references for researchers and policy-makers.

The Research Center for Humanity and Social Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, plans to integrate economic and social indicators with a WebGIS platform, called Taiwan Economic and Social Indicator GIS. The project aims to apply service-oriented architecture as well as the research results of three social development indicators, including Medical and Health, Public Security, and Employment, to create data-provisioning services for the public. Different indicators can be visualised on thematic maps in various ways.

Using SuperWebGIS as the map server to publish maps and GIS data, the platform helps users view, query, add and manage the species data conveniently by browsers. It also offers basic GIS tools and easy-to-use interface for users to easily understand the spatial distribution and type of each social development indicator easily.

In this project, user permission can be divided into 4 levels, guest, general user, advanced user and system administrator. Administrators can modify the data and settings of each user account anytime. The system not only allows user to obtain economic and social indicators for advanced applications, but also provides important references to assist policy makers in making policies, protecting people’s rights in welfare, economy, health care, education, and criminal problem, etc.

By means of Taiwan Economic and social Indicator GIS, scholars can quickly understand the country’s current status and even perform valid comparison with GIS technology. This helps scholars save a lot of time and raise the efficiency while evaluating economical and social status in Taiwan before making public policy.

Bhoomi Foundation of Geoinformatics selects SuperGIS Desktop

In another context, SuperGeo has also informed that India’s Bhoomi Foundation of Geoinformatics and Natural Resources Management selected SuperGIS Desktop 3 for spatial analysis and data visualisation. Bhoomi Foundation will use this software in different activities like education and research in geospatial field, such as disaster assessment, environmental impact, urban planning, pollution management, surveying and mapping.

Bhoomi Foundation aims to promote sustainable development of natural and human resources in India. Through the recommendation by Spaceinfo, SuperGeo’s exclusive reseller in the State of Karnataka, India, Bhoomi Foundation has confirmed the procurement.

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