SuperGeo announces new reseller in Indonesia

SuperGeo announces new reseller in Indonesia


Taiwan: SuperGeo announced its new reseller in Indonesia, PT. Jaya Kencana Perkasa. Now, the company has 2 resellers in Indonesia. Another reseller is Datascrip PT. The new reseller has good relationship with local government sectors, military and universities. It is located in Tangerang, a big industrial city close to Jakarta.

Seeing the strong demand for complete GIS solutions, PT. Jaya Kencana Perkasa has been looking for full function GIS software and hardware at reasonable pricing. After evaluating the functionality, costs and support of SuperGIS products, PT. Jaya Kencana Perkasa is confident in the distribution of SuperGIS software, especially in big GIS projects and Lab Kits in universities.

Jason Liang, Sr. Sales Representative at SuperGeo, said, “With the strong connection with the military and government from PT. Jaya Kencana Perkasa, SuperGeo expects further development in Indonesian GIS market.”

Meanwhile, SuperGeo announced that its latest iteration of GIS service server software, SuperGIS Server 3 is going to be released at the beginning of 2011. It will be compatible with 64-bit operating systems.

Source: SuperGeo – Link1 & Link2