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Summit aims to promote practical applications

California, US: Esri’s GeoDesign Summit, to be held at Redlands, California during January 5 to 6, 2012, will offer an excellent chance for people interested in GeoDesign to discover innovative ideas and tools related to the field.

This event’s theme, GeoDesign in Practice, reflects a focus on successful GeoDesign projects and new GeoDesign tools that will define future technologies.

“Attendees will leave the summit with new ideas, tools, and workflows, enabling them to do design work in GIS with greater efficiency and effectiveness,” said Shannon McElvaney, project manager of GeoDesign services at Esri.

The attendees will also get a chance to showcase their work in paper presentations, Lightning Talks, and the Map Gallery. Presentations will cover GeoDesign application, technology, education and theory, giving insight into the principles, methods and tools that shape this field.

The keynote speaker will be Braden Allenby, an environmental scientist, environmental attorney, and professor of civil and environmental engineering and professor of law at Arizona State University.

Source: ESRI