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Sudbury Hydro installs Network Express

Canada-Greater Sudbury Hydro Inc., an electric distribution company that serves more than 44,000 customers within the City of Greater Sudbury and within the Municipality of West Nipissing in Ontario, Canada, has installed the 3-GIS web-based editor, Network Express.

Network Express, is a browser-based engineering solution that provides fully operational editing and viewing features. Built on ESRI’s ArcGIS Server technology, Network Express allows users to plan, design and manage their asset data within a work order environment utilising a web browser. Network Express operates in Adobe FlashPlayer and is built with Adobe Flex giving a modern user experience that declutters the working environment and provides a function-driven work flow for faster documentation and design.

Greater Sudbury Hydro hired 3-GIS in 2008 to aide in the replacement of their existing CAD system. 3-GIS began the project by migrating Sudbury Hydro’s existing CAD data into a GIS data-model developed to meet Sudbury’s specific business needs. 3-GIS installed ESRI’s ArcGIS Server then setup Sudbury Hydro’s geodatabase and migrated their data. Express Conductor was then installed to configure, manage and publish the GIS data to Network Express. Sudbury will use Network Express’ work order functionality to plan new jobs.

Sudbury Hydro will also utilise the 3-GIS mobile solution, Field Express Chameleon, to perform inspections on various facility plant features. “We are thrilled to have Sudbury running on our full suite of products and look forward to supporting them to meet their GIS needs,” says Eric Fulcher, 3-GIS’s Vice President of Utilities.