Sudanese learns town design land use plan

Sudanese learns town design land use plan


Kingsport, US: A small delegation from Southern Sudan visited Kingsport, Tennessee, worked with city planners and GIS officials, learning more about zoning, regulations and long-range planning. Kingsport has assisted the struggling Sudanese town of Yei in crafting a land use plan — the first step in having an organised and structured city over the next 20 to 25 years.

The idea of Kingsport helping the town of Yei with its long-range planning began last year after Vice Mayor Ben Mallicote — along with more than a dozen local residents, medical personnel and religious officials — travelled to Yei on a missionary trip sponsored by the Holston Conference and First Broad Street United Methodist Church. Since then, city planners and other employees, along with GIS officials, have been working to draft the plan. The Sudanese delegation included Godwill Soro Eliaba, head of survey for Yei, and two Yei planners — Asega Joseph James and Candiru Lilly Thomas.

Karen Combs, city planner, said, “They had the information, the vision, but they didn’t have the experience to organise it into a manner in which they could use. Now, they are going home with a land use plan and a map and a major street and road plan and map. We have also highlighted zoning and given them mechanisms to enforce the plan.”

The land use plan includes information on the climate, topography and demographics of Yei, along with existing land uses and recommendations on how land should be use, whether for residential, commercial, manufacturing, public or agricultural. The plan includes a map of suggested road types and touches on zoning and subdivision regulations.

The plan will now go before the executive director of Yei (essentially their city manager) for approval.

Source: Times News