Stunning growth of OpenStreetMap visualised

Stunning growth of OpenStreetMap visualised


US: The 2013 OpenStreetMap Data Report, a beautiful and deep exploration of OpenStreetMap”s incredible momentum, its data and contributors, has been launched. The report shows how active the OpenStreetMap community is, how fast it continues to grow, and how competitive the open data community is becoming. The global open mapping effort has now mapped data on more than 78 million buildings and 21 million miles of road (if you wanted to drive all those roads at, say, 60 miles an hour, it would take you some 40 years to do it).

And more than a million people have chipped away at this in an impressively democratic manner: 83.6% of the changes in the whole database have been made by 99.9% of contributors.

The report, created by MapBox, includes a beautiful worldwide visualisation of all the road updates made as OpenStreetMap has grown, with some of the earliest imports of data shown in green and blue, and more recent ones in white.

Source: The Atlantic Cities