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Study shows extensive use of GIS in US and Canada

Kansas, US: 89 percent of respondents to a recent study examining the use of high-tech GIS system in the United States and Canada report their organisations have implemented GIS to help manage public works services. The study was conducted by Bartlett & West, a full-service engineering and information management company.

“We wanted to provide a resource for public works professionals, offering insights into how their colleagues in the United States and Canada are using and supporting Geographic Information Systems,” said Neil Dobler, vice president and Public Works Division Director for Bartlett & West. “The report examined public works entities’ use of GIS, budgets, funding, resources, technical support, and other pertinent information.”

E-mail surveys were sent to public works professionals across the US and Canada in late 2009. Surveys were completed by 1,375 respondents. Data from competed surveys were divided into eight geographical regions and ten population segments based on size of municipality or other entity served. Respondents represented cities, counties, or other entities providing public works management with populations from less than 1000 to greater than one million.

More than 60 percent of larger entities report they have incorporated GIS into daily management of infrastructure, with that percentage tapering off sharply for populations less than 50,000.
Those reporting use of GIS as a public works management tool most commonly cite project and maintenance management as primary uses.

Of those respondents currently using GIS, 47 percent reported that GIS information was accessible to the public. This is more likely to be true the larger the entity’s population.

The complete study, GIS Use for Public Works Management in the United States and Canada is available online at .

Source:  Forbes