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Students from 90 African universities to map their campuses

Nairobi, Kenya: Students from more than 90 universities in 12 sub-Saharan African countries have come together for a two-week mapping exercise to put their university campuses and surrounding areas on Google Map.

The activity, which is expected to create thousands of edits on Google Maps, should make it easier to move around the campuses concerned.

According to Google, this programme helps students in various universities to make “the Internet relevant to them in their society”.

“We can hardly imagine what”s in store as the Google Student Ambassadors (GSA) programme expands into new regions and new universities. We hope that bringing these outstanding students together will help them learn more about mapping and its benefits and they can lead in putting their universities on the world”s map,” said Obum Ekeke, the Regional Programme Manager for University Programs & Outreach at Google Sub-Saharan Africa.

The university students and surrounding communities will benefit from easier access to useful venues and buildings, such as: administrative blocks, cafeterias, accommodation and dining buildings, libraries, laboratories, banks and other useful places in their various locales.

The event started last week with more than 1,800 student super mappers being trained from across Africa. This week, the students have been trained on Google Map Maker and the benefits of being able to easily locate necessary amenities and facilities around them.

The universities across sub-Saharan Africa will simultaneously have their campuses uploaded onto Google Map, and give them visibility like never before.

Source: Bernama