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StreetMapper 360 for Canada

Nottingham, UK – Canada’s highways are set to benefit from new 3D laser mapping technology following the announcement that Calgary-based Airborne Imaging has successfully tested an Anglo-German vehicle-mounted mobile laser mapper. StreetMapper 360, which is being supplied by UK-based 3D Laser Mapping, has been specifically designed for the rapid 3D mapping of highways, infrastructure and buildings using vehicle mounted lasers. Travelling at normal road speeds, StreetMapper 360 offers a 360-degree field of view with high precision mapping to a range of 300 metres.

StreetMapper 360 is claimed to capture every detail along the highway corridor including barriers, gulleys and overhead wires, surveyors can create highly accurate 3D computer models for new scheme planning, maintenance, wide load route assessment and post-incident investigations.

“Using StreetMapper 360 we were able to survey a stretch of Highway 53 to the east of Ponoka in just 15 minutes,” commented Marhlen Caverhill, Manager Business Development, of Airborne Imaging. “The resulting data was independently cross checked against various points along the vehicles trajectory and processed to produce more than 5 million georeferenced points. From this point cloud data we can create a number of different products and databases included Digital Terrain Models (DTMs), Highways Surveys, Road Geometry (Horizontal and Vertical) and Asset Management Locations.”

“The advantages of StreetMapper 360 over traditional surveying techniques are clear; speed, accuracy and safety, and we are confident that StreetMapper 360 has a significant role to play mapping the highways of Canada,” added Caverhill.

StreetMapper is the result of a joint venture between 3D Laser Mapping, German guidance and navigation specialist IGI mbH and technology company Riegl. The system employs the laser scanning technology for improved field performance and accuracy, precision navigation including a solution for reduced GPS coverage in urban areas, combined with a flexible, modular configuration and increased ease of use and deployment.