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STL releases the Geographic Database of over 3,800 Wireless Masts/Sites Across Nigeria

Surulere – Lagos, Nigeria, July 03, 2007: STL has released a commercial database that shows the location of over 3,800 masts across Nigeria. This intelligence and competitive database contains such information as owner (operator) of each mast, geographic coordinates, city, LGA, state, and mast height.

By leasing existing sites/masts from independent providers wireless operators can direct more of their scarce financial and human resources to more critical needs. The onus is therefore on them to make a convincing business case for the patronage of the operators. This database will contain all they need to achieve this feat especially in those specific areas especially where they notice such needs like “Coverage Holes” without having to bother the operators about such information.

Intelligence about a competitor is the key to a company’s performance in a highly competitive market such as telecom. This is very important particularly in Nigeria’s telecom industry where operators face stiff competition. This database can empower any wireless operator to gather the following competitive information:

  • Competitor’s Coverage Analysis. Knowing the location of all sites owned by a particular operator can assist its competitors in working out the extent of that operator’s coverage.
  • Subscriber Analysis: Again, using GIS, STL’s analysis reveals that as at January 2007 Celtel had effectively provided coverage for about 64,529,150 people living within these 357 LGAs across Nigeria representing an estimated 46.09% of Nigeria’s total population. This figure does not represent the total number of subscribers in Celtel’s network, rather it is an indication of the total number of people who do have access to Celtel’s coverage by virtue of where they live or work. Again, this analysis does not show the quality of coverage received.