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Stewart Landata Division to update land records for Romanian Government

Landata Group Inc. (Landata) has joined with IBM Romania to modernise public land records for the Romanian government. Landata is a single source for real estate information systems, offering proprietary databases and customized services for both the private and public sectors. IBM is a leading information technology provider, with a history of successful implementations of modern IT solutions around the globe. Together, IBM and Landata will create and implement a fully integrated modern cadastre and land book registration system to better develop and manage land records, key to healthy real estate economies anywhere in the world. The end result will improve the completeness, accuracy, timeliness and usefulness of the information utilized by the Romanian citizens in their daily land transactions.

Landata will apply its expertise in geographic information systems (GIS) to develop unique applications such as map maintenance, land record research, including taxation and ownership information, project tracking, and contractor licensing. Landata also will install its LANDSCAN(R) public land record system to automate land registration from filing through retrieval. All of the programs will run on IBM-installed high-speed hardware and software products. IBM, based on its competence and previous experience in similar large projects accomplished in Romania as well, will perform system integration and overall project management.

The result will be a single source system for land records in both urban and rural areas that will streamline the process for securing real property rights; provide reliable information for private investments in agriculture, housing and industry; support the development of an equitable tax system and promote the privatization process for Romanian industry and land properties.

The initial contract calls for IBM and Landata to complete work in seven of the 42 total Romanian judets (counties). Landata will serve as subcontractor to IBM. Landata and IBM hope to continue working with the Romanian Government to bring the technology to the other judets as well.