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Stesalit India Unveils Android Based Mobile Mapping Software

Stesalit has introduced the SXgeoCloud mobile mapping software that provides GIS data collection suite and with active sync to enterprise GIS systems, such Esri Geodatabase as through a mobile and cloud architecture. According to Stesalit, SXgeoCloud currently is available with the Sxtreo series of GPS/GNSS devices from Stesalit to its Indian customers.

The Android based mobile mapping system of SXgeoCloud supports over 50 OGC compliant formats and background raster Web Mapping Services. It allows users to acquire geospatial data including points, lines and polygons, along with their attributes with the advantage of creating new objects in the field. It supports all editing features and is flexible for users to work on offline and online basis with active sync to the SXgeoClould Server.

The cloud server of SXgeoCloud combines the unique features of Project Creation, management of the data collection exercise, Active Sync, and archival. The data sets acquired or the new objects created in the field are automatically updated in the cloud GIS server in real time, and can be actively synced with the enterprise GIS of the users on real-time basis. Users can customize the data capture properties, attributes, and forms to match their own enterprise database requirements.

The software comes at a very affordable price, that improves the RoI of the enterprises. Users can also subscribe to SXgeoCloud only for the period and for the project as required, saving them large capital expenditure.