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Stesalit and SkyMap Global Enter into Global Strategic Partnership

Kolkata, India, 27th January 2015 – Stesalit Systems Ltd and SkyMap Global Pte. Ltd. have announced today a comprehensive five-year global strategic partnership incorporating capabilities of both the companies to distribute a full range of value added products and services.

SkyMap Global owns and maintains proprietary data processing technology, which allows the retrieval of value added Imagery products. The products include Agriculture, Forestry, Marine, Coastal and 3D smart city tools and related derivatives from earth observation data. On the other hand Stesalit is the leading solution provider in the Indian subcontinent, with solutions which blend embedded computing and geomatics to deliver decision support systems for Agriculture, Forestry, Power & Water Utilities and Smart Cities and supporting an extended network of clients globally with products and solutions. With this association both SkyMap and Stesalit would now gain rights to access, incorporate and distribute Products from each company.

“This association with Stesalit will allow SkyMap to access state of the art technology and platform based on cloud that is already been tested and applied to several clients in the subcontinent. SkyMap association will allow the extended usage of this platform to South East Asian, US and European clients through its wide network of global partnerships and offices.“, said Abhay S. Mittal, CEO of SkyMap Global.

“We are excited to join the strategic partnership with SkyMap which will add the advanced imagery products and 3D imaging tools of Skymap to our proprietary field computing devices and Enterprise GIS offerings, and allow customers to access the latest advancements in earth observation technologies and 3D Imagery products from SkyMap through a common software window in the subcontinent and rest of the world", said Mr Hemant Khemka, CEO of Stesalit.