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Stereocarto S.L. obtains VAR rights for PurVIEW

Madrid , Spain 19 March 2007: Stereocarto S.L. one of the leaders in Cartography, Land Planning, Agronomy, Cadastre and Environmental Studies, has entered into a VAR agreement with I.S.M. International Systemap Corp. to distribute PurVIEW, a stereoscopic visualization and mapping extension for ArcGIS.

“This is an excellent opportunity for both companies”, said Alfonso Gómez, CEO of Stereocarto. “This partnership will empower our customers with an easy-to-use tool, enriching the value of the data we delivery”. With long experience and deep insight in photogrammetry, cartography, GIS and cadastre projects, Stereocarto applies the most advanced technologies covering the entire map production cycle: from image acquisition, to processing and restitution, to cartographic presentation and now to direct stereoscopic editing and analysis within GIS, ensuring absolute success in projects of any complexity.

“This agreement with Stereocarto is a significant step in the accelerating expansion of the PurVIEW Culture , in Europe and the Americas where Stereocarto is well established”, said Jordi Sendra, Director of ISM. PurVIEW stereoscopic geodatabase-direct 3D feature digitizing is a powerful extension for ArcGIS, providing fast access and direct exploitation of digital imagery intrinsic in modern thematic applications, from earth sciences to site/facility management.