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Step towards conclusive land titling in India

India: The Dept. of Land Resources, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India has taken an initiative towards bringing in conclusive land titling in India by drafting the Land Titling Bill 2010.

The Dept. aims to bring into effect an Act to provide for the establishment, administration and management of a system of conclusive property titles with title guarantee and indemnification against losses due to inaccuracies in property titles, through registration of immovable properties and further to amend the relevant Acts.

While the Union Cabinet has given its approval for introducing the conclusive property titling system with title guarantee and indemnification against losses due to inaccuracies in property titles, the Dept. considers it expedient to formulate a Model Law for favourable consideration by all states and the union territories with legislatures in view of the need for uniformity of the law applicable to conclusive property titling.

For the purposes of this Act, the Government shall constitute the Land Titling Authority. A significant aspect of the Act would be that the authority shall assign a unique property identification number to immovable property. The Land Titling Authority will establish a Survey, Settlement & Land Information System Division for the Union territory (or the State) for the purposes of this Act.

The Bill, once enacted, makes it compulsory for the parties applying for title or transfer under provisions of this Act or who have been granted provisional or conclusive title under this Act, to notify to the Land Titling Authority the following information: civil suits or appeals or revisions, land acquisition proceedings, government transactions, equitable mortgages, statutory charges, pending actions, powers-of-attorney, grant of succession, reporting or filing of information, transactions and transfer application or report on transaction.

The draft is open to public debate till June 15. The details of the draft are available on the link https://dolr.nic.in/Draft%20Final%20Model%20Land%20Titling%20Act-04.5.10.doc

Source: By Our Correspondent