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States of Guernsey wins Special Achievement Award

The States of Guernsey has received a Special Achievement Award for their use of GIS. The award, from GIS software supplier ESRI, recognises the work done in the creation and exploitation of the Guernsey Digimap and related projects. States of Guernsey was one of 150 winners announced by Jack Dangermond, President of ESRI, at the company’s recent international user conference. The States of Guernsey were selected from over 100,000 entrants. The Guernsey Digimap was developed to improve the effectiveness of administration of the States of Guernsey, by enabling the integration and sharing of geographically related information amongst authorised users within the public and private sectors of the community.

The Map has been used as the basis for several very significant projects:

• Every civil servant now has access to spatial, geographic and text-based information, in map format, from his or her desktop. More than 2000 users can view property and demographic information, , detailed road network data and States of Guernsey properties via the Internet. They can zoom in and out of the maps, switch layers on and off, identify objects and display their attribute data, search for addresses and view information about different land parcels.

The system provides front line staff with immediate access to all of the relevant information they need to do their jobs. It has helped to improve decision-making and save time across all departments. It has also enabled departments to work more closely together to deliver integrated services to the public.

• The Guernsey Grid for Learning, the name given to the Education Council’s ICT strategy, has facilitated the installation of ESRI’s desktop GIS software, ArcView, on every student’s computer in all 22 Island schools. GIS is integrated in to the curriculum at all levels of education and the system allows students to design maps and import, query and analyse data.

• The new Island Road works Information System (IRIS) assists in the long-term planning of and full applications for, road closures. An Intranet site allows public and private sector utility companies to share their long term planning data and an Internet site shows all of the road works and diversions around the island.

Almost all of the States of Guernsey Departments are fully reliant on the Digital Map on a daily basis. States department users include Agriculture & Countryside board, Department of Health, Environmental Health and Guernsey Tourist Board. Other adopters who are benefiting from the service include the Emergency Services, solicitors, architects, surveyors, utilities and estate agents.