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State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, to launch LBS at the 2003 Popkomm.Festival music event

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions announced that its IntelliWhere location-based services (LBS) technology has been selected to power delivery of event and venue information at the upcoming 2003 annual Popkomm.Festival music event. Festival attendees will be able to use mobile phones and hand-held devices locally to access information, such as driving directions to venues, walking directions to accessible public transport, artist information and event schedules.This year’s Popkomm.Festival, the world’s music fair, will be held from August 14-16 in Germany. Using a WAP, SMS-enabled mobile phone, hand-held device or the Internet, festival attendees will be able to find information to allow them to:
— Search for bands by title or genre and corresponding details of venues and schedules
— Read facts about each artist and view images of performers
— Find out how to get to the venue with text instructions or a map

The use of LBS technology is an initiative of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, called Geographical Mobile Information (GMI). GMI was implemented to increase the attractiveness of the region for large occasions and events. Horst Harbauer, Managing Director, Intergraph Germany, said, “This use of location-based services will add value to events in North Rhine-Westphalia. Event visitors will have the latest information at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere.”