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State of Global Satellite Industry to $277.4 bn says SIA

USA: Satellite Industry Association (SIA), a trade association representing leading global satellite operators in its annual report has in its 22nd annual study of satellite data announced the growth of satellite manufacturing and launching industry. According to the report, there has been a 3%-12% growth in satellite services, satellite manufacturing sector has grown by 26%, revenues in the launch industry has gone up by 34%.

Growth in GNSS and network equipment market have grown by 5%. The report is produced by Bryce Space and Technology and provides a summary of 2018 activities, in detail public information and exclusive surveys.

Satellite based services in television, radio, broadband and remote sensing saw a decline in revenue of $126.5bn, revenue satellite manufacturing industry grew $11.5 bn to $19.5 bn, launch industry earned a revenue of $6.2 bn and ground equipment industry that included consumer equipment, GNSS equipment and network earned $125.2 bn in 2018.

The sole purpose of this report is to assist global users to recognize the market in terms of its classification, division, potential of the market, understanding various trends and the challenges that the global market is facing.