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State Of California Launches The Nation

The California Department of General Services today announced it has developed the nation’s first statewide online database www.applications.dgs.ca.gov/dgs/GreenBuildings of “green” buildings that employs Geographic Information Systems mapping technology.

“By using readily-available GIS mapping tools, we have created an easy-to-use online gateway to California’s most energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly buildings,” said DGS Director Will Bush. “The map highlights state-owned facilities that are meeting Governor Schwarzenegger’s goal to build and operate buildings that save energy, conserve natural resources and decrease their carbon footprint, while furthering our goals to make state government open and accessible.”

Commercial buildings use 36 percent of the state’s electricity and account for a large percentage of greenhouse gas emissions, raw materials use and waste.

The state’s online green building portfolio is an example of the governor’s vision for California’s future, and the role that technology and government can play in meeting the challenges that lie ahead.

“Governor Schwarzenegger has made the use of GIS technology a priority, recognizing the tremendous potential it has to serve Californians,” said Teri Takai, Chief Information Officer for the State of California. “This new site is a terrific application that will help carryout the Governor’s environmental goals, while at the same time providing a great way to keep up with the progress on this significant effort.”

The online map will enable the public to track progress made toward achieving the energy and environmental goals of the governor’s green building executive order (S-20-04).

Issued in December 2004, the green building order requires all new state construction projects to be built to the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) standards. In addition, the state’s biggest existing buildings (larger than 50,000 square feet) are pursuing LEED certification for energy- and resource-efficient operations and maintenance practices.

The green building order calls for state agencies to reduce electricity use in state-owned buildings 20 percent by 2015 and encourages cities, counties and schools to do the same.