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State gets Agricultural Information Centre

Rwanda: Access to agricultural information in Rwanda is becoming a reality with the inauguration of an Agricultural Information Communication Centre (AICC). Built in Kigali, capital of Rwanda, AICC is equipped with information communication tools like Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Management Information Systems (MIS), a digital library, and a modern audio-visual studio and a website.

Funded by the governments of Rwanda and Belgium, AICC aims at collecting, storing and disseminating information on the agricultural sector in the country. The information will be collected from the field and sent to the centre for processing and dissemination. Such information may include market prices, pest management, and appropriate cropping practices.

Scientists, researchers, farmers and extension officers as well as business community are likely to benefit from the new system. Farmers who are scattered all over the country can access the information from community telecenters (centers with Information Communication Technology equipment like computers and internet) in rural areas. The center is also expected to help farmers locate markets for their produce.

Source: allafrica.com