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State and Local Governments realizing benefits of Feature Analyst

Feature Analystä is helping solve many of the day-to-day problems facing state and local governments. Accurate and current GIS data is of utmost importance to city planners, disaster and emergency services, tax assessors, law enforcement, and many other local government entities. Many of these organizations have turned to the skies and gathered satellite and aerial photographs to generate and maintain their GIS information. Unfortunately, the process of extracting valuable information from imagery has proven both costly and time-consuming. Enter Feature Analyst, recently developed by Visual Learning Systems (VLS). Feature Analyst allows local governments to extract relevant information from their imagery, faster and more accurately than ever before.

Well-known for its ease-of-use, Feature Analyst is built as an extension to ESRI’s ArcGISä. Feature Analyst works with all sorts of imagery, including scanned maps, and has many additional functions that allow current databases to be easily updated. Thus, city planners can use Feature Analyst to quickly update their planemetric maps and make educated decisions based on current GIS data. Natural resource departments can take accurate inventories of things like trees, land-cover/land-use, and shorelines. One client, Jim Waller from Big Horn County in Basin Wyoming, has achieved impressive cost savings utilizing Feature Analyst as a tool for extracting soil lines from scanned maps.

Other clients are having similar experiences with Feature Analyst extracting features like building footprints, swimming pools, and urban vegetation. The software has served as an especially effective solution for pervious/impervious extractions. Some are using Feature Analyst to perform detailed land cover classifications, vegetation species identification, and to extract hydrological features.