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STAR INFORMATIC takes over the cartographic publishing activity of Esko-Graphics

STAR INFORMATIC (Liège, Belgium), a European vendor of spatial technologies and GIS, announces that it has found an agreement with Esko-Graphics (Ghent, Belgium) to take over its cartographic publishing activity and the Mercator product line, from July 1st onwards. The transaction concludes a process during which strong technological and marketing synergies were identified : The Mercator software would be integrated with the suite of GIS software products from STAR INFORMATIC with the aim to deliver the most advanced professional map production chain. This integrated solution will be marketed by STAR INFORMATIC to their large customer base in Europe, North Africa, Canada and the Middle-East. STAR INFORMATIC commits to develop and enhance further the Mercator software, in order to best serve the interests of the worldwide customer base of Mercator such as NGI Belgium, NGI France, Ordnance Survey, Rand Mc Nally, Aoyal Air Force, etc. The business development activity for Mercator will be strongly enforced with the aim to conquer a larger market share, especially in Asia, Latin America and the Middle-East. STAR INFORMATIC becomes a reseller of Esko-Graphics prepress software and hardware (such as RIPs and imagesetters) and will be able to rely on the existing worldwide indirect channels of Esko-Graphics. STAR INFORMATIC, by opening an office in Flanders, will aim at developing a proximity relationship with their Flemish customers. STAR INFORMATIC will fully assume the commitments made by Esko-Graphics to the Mercator customers. This translates into an increased R&D investment into the product as well as into an unchanged support and sales team.
Said Manuel Pallage, General Manager of STAR INFORMATIC

STAR INFORMATIC, Liège – Belgium, is a vendor of GIS software packages and applications aimed at utility companies, power and water distribution companies, local authorities, public administrations, etc. The STAR INFORMATIC group of companies is head quartered in Liège, Belgium and has affiliated companies and offices in Paris, Lyon, Mulhouse, London and Dammam (KSA). The group which recently took a majority share in APIC SA (France) aims at being Europe’s leading vendor of geospatial software technologies.