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Star Informatic becomes Star-Apic

Liège, Belgium, December 5, 2006 – Just over three years ago, STAR INFORMATIC acquired the French company Apic SA. Today, the teams from both companies have achieved their goal of integrating both their knowledge and technologies.

In order to underline the integrated nature of the group, the companies have announced decision to unify the brand name of the companies under one single flag, which will be STAR-APIC. The name change coincides with a change in organisation to take into account the integrated nature of the Group.

The STAR-APIC Group is led by a Group Managing Board represented by Alan Phillips, CEO, and Issam Tannous, Deputy General Manager, which defines the marketing and technical strategy, which is implemented by: Product Management, solely responsible for developing the software; Operation Centres, in charge of sales and management of products and services within our market sectors

Today, the Operation Centres and product development teams are subject to five different legal systems, namely those of Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and Morocco.

Within the next few days, a new website (www.star-apic.com and www.star-apic.eu) will be launched to underline the Group’s new corporate communication.

STAR-APIC is a major supplier of software products for Geographical Information Systems and business applications for water and electricity networks management, local authorities and national administrations. The STAR-APIC teams are specialised in the successful deployment of large-scale G.I.S. projects based on better and more profitable use of geographical data.