‘Standards essential for creating pragmatic SDI’

‘Standards essential for creating pragmatic SDI’


New Delhi, India: The second day of the 14th Esri India User Conference witnessed several technical sessions / user presentations which gave an opportunity to Esri users to showcase their work. Dean Angelidas, Director, International Operations, Esri and Satish Sankaran, Product Manager, Esri were the speakers at the session on ‘Leveraging standards and interoperability to create pragmatic spatial data infrastructure (SDI)’.

During the session, Angelidas explained the role and function of an SDI in detail. He highlighted how SDI is solving problems of data sharing at various levels. Tracing the history of SDI, he explained how the term was first coined in the US and how the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) was set up. After that the European Union caught up with the idea of SDI and many other countries followed the suit. He gave examples of several countries like, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Russia, Geneva, Switzerland etc. which have successfully implemented SDI at national and regional levels. “SDI includes services to help user discover and interact with data,” he said.

Sankaran highlighted the problem of data sharing and data creation which hinders the development of a successful SDI. He explained that policies, people, data and technology are the essential components of an SDI. “SDI is about collaborating and enriching data and standards are important to ensure that an SDI functions properly,” he said. He highlighted several government projects like European Environment Agency’s Eye on Earth, United Nations Environment Programme, GeoFoundation Exchange (Canada) etc. which provides data in an open platform.

Source: Our Correspondent

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