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Stalwarts set high note for Latin America Geospatial Forum

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: A high-level delegation comprising heads of National Mapping Organizations (NMOs) from 17 Latin American nations along with representatives from geospatial industry and pioneers of geospatial data management from around the region discussed data policies, data generation, its usage by public and its innovative applications, during NMO-Industry Exchange Forum (a pre-conference event) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Through various resolutions, they set high note for the first Latin American Geospatial Forum (LAGF) which is scheduled for 17-19 August, 2011 at the same venue.

During the NMO-Industry Exchange Forum, some of the resolutions made by participants include:
– To find new ways to increase the visibility of the benefits of locationaly referenced information,
– To increase efforts to build both human and institutional capacity for the creation and use of location-referenced information.
– To create geospatial data to facilitate access of the data,
– To develop new business models which should be demand-driven and respond directly to sub-national, national and international priority needs.
– To participate in United Nations Forum on Global Geospatial Information Management in Korea and beyond.
– To get technical support from industry to strengthen the work of NMOs and exchange views.

Source: www.lagf.org