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Stage set for DGI 2012

UK: Stage for DGI 2012 was set on Monday, January 23, 2012, with a pre-conference seminar on ‘Innovation & New Technology.’ The day saw experts from both defence and industry discuss about the latest geospatial innovations in the defence sector.
UAVs form an important part of today’s intelligence gathering process, and their need and utility continues to grow with the advancement in technology. Today’s UAVs not only collect data but are also capable of processing and analysing it. This was the focus of the session, ‘Using UAVs as part of your multi-int strategy: strategy and practical applications’. Both the speakers, Darren Knight, Business Development, ING Enginnering, and Michael Arieli, Geo-Intelligence Systems Marketing Manager, ELTA Systems, talked about the requirements and challenges facing the UAV market. While Knight was all praise for small companies for bringing in innovation in this sector, Arieli talked about the need to develop common standards for data fusion.
Meanwhile, the session on ‘Analysing Data: Tools, New Solutions and Successful Case Studies’ saw industry experts talk about solutions that speed up the geoint data analysis process. Tomothy Lanfear, Solution Architect, Professional Solutions Group, Nvidia, explained the advantages of graphics processing unit (GPU) over CPU and then talked in detail about GPU based applications in defence sector. Steve Little, AGIS Account Manager, Envitia, stressed on the need to identify current and emerging geoint related services. “We need to understand where geospatial intelligence is going in the next two years,” he said, adding, “Geospatial research is best achieved through engagement with geospatial world leaders from both industry and academia.”
The online on-demand access to geoint knowledge and tools demands that maps are readily and globally available to users. The session, ‘Delivering the right intelligence to the right user on time: From maps to apps’ saw industry experts present the latest developments in this sector. While Kerry Robinson, Senior Technical Advisor, European Defence Team, Esri, talked about intelligent maps and demonstrated its effectiveness, Leif Haglund, Director, Business Development, Saab Dynamics, talked about their product, Rapid 3D Mapping. Similarly, Barry O’Rourke, President, Compusult, introduced the audience to the fact that capabilities for delivering situational awareness are now available via mobile phones.
DGI 2012 will begin on January 24, 2012. The theme of this year’s conference-cum-exhibition is ‘Empowering decisions through online on-demand access to multi-int knowledge and analysis.’ More than 500 people are expected to attend the event. 
Source: Our correspondent