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St. Tamanny Parish unveils GIS for its users

President of St. Tammany Parish in U.S, Kevin Davis unveiled a new on-line information gathering technology this week that will answer questions and provide services for government agencies, businesses and residents. Davis showcased the GIS, which is expected to go on-line sometime next week and will allow users to view and analyze various types of data from a geographic perspective.

GIS is an advancement of the parish’s aerial photography map, currently available at the parish’s Web site. New Orleans-based survey company DB Sysgraph took the aerial photographs in late 2000 for roughly $900,000. Those photographs provided the basis for the new GIS program, said Davis. When users log on, the GIS program will present a general map of St. Tammany Parish. The map can be used to find general information such as roads, various parish district boundaries, FEMA flood data, zoning information, parish elevations and a hurricane evacuation map. A “zoom” feature will provide detailed information on street and neighborhood layout and house and business addresses. Users can integrate aerial photographs for even more detail.