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SSL develops radiological mapping system

U.K.-based Southern Scientific Limited, dealing in radiological measurement & monitoring systems, has produced a new radiological surveying system that uses GPS technology to obtain precise radiological mapping information. Named RadSurvey the system is fully weatherproof and consists of a NaI detector mounted with an easy to use pocket computer and an automatic beacon-corrected GPS receiver with sub metre accuracy.

The system is claimed to have a long battery life and a built-in multi-channel analyser that can be used in the field or the spectrums saved and recalled later. During operation, the radiological and positional information (e.g. Lat Long or OSGB) is displayed on the screen and also stored on to an SD card that has many days worth of data storage space. The data can then be transferred to GIS mapping software to produce contour maps and reports of potentially contaminated areas. This system is ideally suited for remediation work and emergency response activities.