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SSC launches SSC Infinity for small satellites and constellation

US: Advanced space services provider, SSC on Wednesday unveiled its new ground operations service called SSC Infinity, that offers customers full flexibility for small satellites and constellations. The new endeavor aims to lower the costs while providing reliability to the SmallSat and CubeSat market. SSC has begun installing new small aperture antennas as part of its Universal Space Network expansion. The service’s launch was the highlight of SSC’s presence at the 32nd Space Symposium.

“Recent growth in new, SmallSat and constellation-based space applications throughout the world has driven the need for a new approach to ground segment operations.” said Leif Osterbo, president of SSC’s Satellite Management Services Division. “SSC Infinity is that new approach. Our service reduces costs and risks associated with launch, insertion, system and constellation checkout.”

The new service leverages latest technology that consists a range of highly automated services that use full-motion antennas in the 5-meter or smaller class. These antennas are optimized for communication with small satellites and constellations. These small aperture antennas can be augmented, when needed, with larger ones that are equipped to meet the needs of the most demanding SmallSat or constellation of satellites.

“SSC understands the rigors of constellation orbit-raising, a feat that can span many months of intense activities,” Mr. Osterbo said. “Our dynamic operational concept and its high level of automation allows for rapid rescheduling within the whole ground network. This enables a high resistance to failures due to single-station outages, and provides high performance on a network level if required by the customer application.”

Source: SSC