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SRC announces access to China 2000 Census Data through www.DemographicsNowChina.com

China, 10 May 2007: SRC announced unprecedented access to China 2000 Census Data provided by the National Bureau of Statistics of China through www.DemographicsNowChina.com, the online demographic analysis Web site.

For the first time, subscribers will have Web access to market information and analysis to better understand business and consumer marketing opportunities in the People’s Republic of China. Detailed demographic variables related to births, age, housing, dwelling characteristics, presence of children, occupation, and unemployment of China’s 1.3 billion people will be provided in collaboration between SRC and the China Data Center, a University of Michigan initiative to advance the study and understanding of China.

Shuming Bao, Senior Research Coordinator of the China Data Center said, “We are proud to be teaming up with the industry’s leading developer of business and market intelligence solutions and we are confident SRC’s www.DemographicsNowChina.com online service will meet and exceed all expectations by empowering individuals to make accurate and rapid business decisions to reach new frontiers of corporate growth and success in the most populated country on earth.”

From www.DemographicsNowChina.com users can easily create rich, reliable radius reports, maps and market studies tailored specifically for business needs. Professionals have immediate access to a wealth of data on population, housing, occupation and much more with the ability to develop unlimited custom reports using thousands of variables. To provide even greater value, China 2000 Census Data includes both the 100 percent short form data and the 9.5 percent long form data. With this level of detailed demographic data and advanced geographic analysis capabilities, users are well-equipped to quickly analyze the demographic, economic and overall market potential for any Chinese geography. Subscribers benefit from many advanced features, including:

The new service from Demographic’s will provide:

  • Unlimited access to demographic maps and reports for all People’s Republic of China geographies, including: 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities of Mainland China, 345 prefecture cities, 2,873 counties, and more than 50,000 townships
  • The ability to perform quick and accurate market and site location analysis
  • The ability to analyze data based on custom radii, provinces, prefectures, counties, townships and
  • China’s 9.6 million 1 sq km grids
  • Access to the most detailed demographic data for the People’s Republic of China available, including: age and sex, population counts, housing characteristics and facilities, household types, employment, occupation and industry, education, and race/ethnicity
  • Multiple options to display demographics, boundaries, city locations, rivers and lakes, and major highways. Access to many time-saving, easy-to-use, and pre-formatted summary, comparison and rank reports allow users to quickly retrieve information for any area in Mainland China