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SRA Awarded $200M Blanket Purchase Agreement From Environmental Protection Agency

USA – SRA International, Inc., a leading provider of technology and strategic consulting services and solutions to government organizations, recently announced it has been awarded a blanket purchase agreement by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to enhance the capabilities of its scientific research arm — the Office of Research and Development (ORD) Software Engineering and Specialized Scientific Support (SES3). The seven-year, multiple award has an estimated value in excess of $200B, if all options are exercised.
Under the agreement to date, SRA has won two initial task orders with a combined value of more than $32 million, if all options are exercised. Both awards represent new business for the company.
Under the first task order, SRA will provide expertise in communicating ORD’s research information among teams of geographically dispersed scientists through publications, multimedia presentations and documentation. SRA will support 13 ORD locations across the country.
Under the second task order, SRA and its subcontractor Raytheon will provide remote sensing and geographic information system support to ORD programs such as Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP); e-Estuary, National Coastal Assessment, National Aquatic Resource Survey, and the Ecological Research Program. SRA will design, implement and maintain spatial information technologies to support ORD research and landscape and watershed characterization and ecosystem assessment.
“SRA’s innovative information management and technology services will enhance the research capabilities of ORD scientists working to solve environmental problems,” said SRA Senior Vice President and Director of the Civil Sector Max Hall. “These awards reinforce SRA’s capabilities and commitment to bridge science and technology to the benefit of improved environmental outcomes and human health.”
The EPA relies on the sound scientific data provided by ORD to help safeguard both human health and the environment. ORD conducts research on ways to prevent pollution, protect human health, and reduce risk. Applied science at ORD builds the understanding of how to protect and enhance the relationship between humans and the ecosystems of Earth.