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SPOTMAPS Saudi Arabia now available

Toulouse, France: Astrium GEO-Information Services (formerly Spot Image) released of one of its latest SPOTMAPS coverage, SPOTMAPS Saudi Arabia. 870 tiles were processed from 962 SPOT 5 cloud free scenes, acquired in 2010 at a resolution of 2.5 metres.

SPOTMAPS are mosaics made from SPOT 5 satellite images acquired at 2.5 metres. Coverages are seamless and uniform over the territory of a country or even several countries. The company claimed in its press statement that new mosaics are available regularly, with the production of 20 million square km more or less per year. The company is at the moment covering more than 100 countries, representing more than 80 million square km available off-the-shelf, ready to be received by its clients a few hours after ordering.

One can have a look at SPOTMAPS Saudi Arabia poster available on www.spotimage.com/saudiarabia. A high resolution version of this image is available from [email protected]

Source: Astrium