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SPOT Satellite Imagery Coverage of Russia

Moscow, Russia, 26 June 2006: ScanEx R&D Center has acquired almost the entire coverage with high resolution images of the Russian territory of 17 million square km.

ScanEx in agreement with the French SPOT Image company acquired the data from the two satellites – SPOT-2 and SPOT-4, performing continuous imagery of the entire Russian territory starting March 2006 at the resolution of 10 m in panchromatic mode and 20 m in multispectral mode.

The images are acquired by the network of universal ground receiving stations of ScaEx Center in Moscow, Irkutsk and Magadan. Also color mosaics were used to create the footprint of Moscow Region using the IRS 5.8 m resolution imagery in the New Kosmosnimki project.

The acquired image archive will be the basic data source to resolve a variety of tasks: maps updating, cadastre and arable lands monitoring, forestry and subsoil use monitoring, drug plants growing areas control and emergency areas monitoring in Russia.