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Spot Asia to sell IKONOS imagery in South-East Asia

Space Imaging has announced that it has signed a reseller agreement with Spot Asia. Spot Asia, based in Singapore, is a subsidiary of Spot Image of Toulouse, France. Under the terms of this reseller agreement, Spot Asia will gain access to Space Imaging’s portfolio of Digital Earth products and services, including high-resolution IKONOS satellite imagery. Spot Asia will sell to the Southeast Asian region.

Spot Asia created in 1991 has a long experience in marketing multi-source satellite imagery in Asian countries. Spot Asia distributes a wide range of geographic information products and services derived from data acquired by SPOT, ERS, Radarsat and VHR satellites. With the launches of Envisat and SPOT 5 scheduled early in 2002, the company will further extend its multi-sensor and multi-resolution offering and strengthen its market position.