Spot any location on Sharjah’s map with ‘Explorer’

Spot any location on Sharjah’s map with ‘Explorer’


Sharjah: The Sharjah GIS Center (SGC) has come up with a unique programme that will help residents and visitors to conveniently locate various points of interest around the Emirate and also provide detailed data about the searched place at the click of a button.

Known as Sharjah Explorer, the system is designed to view various types of data on a satellite map of Sharjah. The satellite images and aerial photos make it extremely easy for the visitors to search for any landmark, and determine its location on the map. Moreover, the Explorer also provides detailed data about the searched site and can also display pictures, if available.

Some of the points of interest that can be found using the system include mosques, parks and gardens, libraries and exhibition centres, shopping malls, banks and ATM machines, tourist attractions etc. The Sharjah GIS Center acts as the primary source for the collection and exchange of geographic information and services between government departments and other institutions in the Emirate of Sharjah.

Source: Our Correspondent