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SPOT and Iunctus sign exclusive Canadian channel partnership contract

SPOT Image Corporation and Iunctus Geomatics Corporation signed a channel partnership contract under which Iunctus has the exclusive rights to sell SPOT satellite products and services to all Canadian customers. This is the second North American channel partnership signed by SPOT Image Corporation.

“Distribution of SPOT products to the Canadian markets have lagged behind much of the world over the past several years, due to increasing competition and confusion over the commercial distribution network for SPOT,” explains Gene Colabatistto, President of SPOT Image Corporation and principal architect of SPOT’s global channel partnership program. “The potential for this market was apparent in the high degree of competition for this channel partnership. Iunctus was chosen because of their aggressiveness, innovative vision and their willingness to be a committed partner with SPOT. Together, we will provide a level of commercial service and a product range never before available in Canada.”

Iunctus will have exclusive licensing rights for the entire archive of Canadian SPOT imagery collected since 1986. In additional they will provide Canadian customers with worldwide imagery from the SPOT constellation of satellites.

SPOTs 1 –4 provide medium resolution 10m and 20m imagery. SPOT 5, launched on May 3, 2002 provides a unique value-priced source of high resolution large area 2.5m imagery, high quality 5 meter imagery, and 10m multispectral imagery, none of which has ever been available before. In addition, SPOT 5’s unique high resolution stereo (HRS) sensor will produce digital elevation models of the entire Earth. The SPOT satellite constellation is the only system capable of acquiring imagery of any location on Earth every day.