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”SPOT 6 launch will enhance ISRO”s capabilities”

New Delhi, India: France’s SPOT-6 satellite has been successfully put into orbit by the Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) C21. This makes it the heaviest foreign satellite that ISRO has put in orbit, a unique feat to complement a century of missions. This historic launch is also the first all-commercial launch by ISRO. Speaking to Geospatial World, Devi Prasad Karnik, ISRO spokesperson said, “SPOT 6 is the heaviest foreign satellite ISRO has launched on a commercial basis. Prior to this, ISRO launched 27 paid missions. The 27 foreign satellites it has launched so far weighed between 1 and 320 kg.”

Speaking to Geospatial World, Karnik said, “Apart from revenue generation, this launch has enabled ISRO to build up its credibility among the foreign customers. With this latest launch, ISRO’s has strengthened its position as a sought-after commercial launcher.”

Karnik further said it is too early to comment if ISRO will launch SPOT 7. However, he added, “There are many projects on the anvil, but so far no contract has been finalised. ISRO is open for more such dedicated commercial launches.”

Karnik added, “The latest launch is part of ISRO chairman, K Radhkakrishnan’s vision, ‘Space Vision 2020 and beyond’. It will help ISRO in boosting its capacity for more such launches.”

SPOT 6 is a French earth observation satellite capable of imaging the earth with a resolution of 1.5 metre. This latest generation optical remote sensing satellite is built by Astrium SAS, a leading European space technology company.

Source: Our Correspondent