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SPOT 5 satellite imagery to show changing Queensland

Queensland, Australia, 04 April 2007: SPOT 5 satellite imagery will help in the management of natural resources in SouthEast Queensland, SEQ officials said. A new project, capturing South East Queensland, uses images taken by the SPOT 5 Earth observation satellite to keep an up-to-date picture of the Land Use and Land Cover across the region.

The joint project, between South East Queensland Catchments, Geoscience Australia, the Queensland government and the Burnett Mary Regional Group (a natural resource management group for the Burnett and Mary rivers region), will study the changes in Land Use and Land Cover over time and between regions, SEQ Catchments chief executive Simon Warner said.

Mr. Warner said the images would be a “powerful tool” for decision makers. “Putting this information at the fingertips of planners and policymakers gives them a better understanding of the scale and impact of change to natural resources and will ensure that planning decisions are not made in isolation of the regional context,” he said.

Mr Warner said, “the information will also be used to identify water points and control erosion. The future applications from remote sensing satellites in Queensland will include identification of weed infestation, erosion and salinity”, he said. “This new perspective is set to revolutionize our understanding and management of natural resources,” Mr Warner added.