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SPOT 5 data now available at Kosmosnimki.Ru

Russia: Detailed SPOT 5 image using catalogue is now available at the Kosmosnimki.Ru geoservice, announced ScanEx RDC. According to the company’s press statement, SPOT 5 satellite is a principal operational tool of the well-proven French SPOT system of space monitoring and has a unique combination of “resolution – scene width” parameters. The satellite ensures imagery at spatial resolutions of 2.5 or 10 m with the scene size of 60 km (typical scene size at such a resolution is around 30 km).
Main applications of remote sensing data, acquired from SPOT 5 satellite, include:- creation and updating of topographic and special maps up to 1:25000 in scale;- operational monitoring: agricultural fields, areas of natural and human-induced disasters, ecological situation, etc.;- forest and subsoil use control, monitoring of infrastructure facilities;- creation of cadastres (land, forest, water);- updating topographic base maps for development of different projects, etc.
Starting in autumn 2010 ScanEx RDC is the exclusive regional partner of SPOT company to distribute all SPOT 4/5 and new SPOT 6/7 satellites data in Russian Federation, which will ensure continuous access to high-resolution optical data up to 2019.
Search.kosmosnimki.ru resource also enables to browse through the catalogues of GeoEye-1, EROS A/B, IKONOS, QuickBird and WorldView-1/2 imagery data. To select the area of interest a vector contour can be used in one of the most popular GIS-formats (ESRI Shape file, MapInfo file) and images selection results can be saved in form of a permanent link or a shp-file.
Source: ScanEx