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“Spinfo Andhra Pradesh 2002 launched”

Spatial Data Private Limited has announced the launch of their product “Spinfo Andhra Pradesh 2002”. By integrating the Spinfo SIS Map Engine and digital maps of the state of Andhra Pradesh, Spinfo has brought out a ready to use, and complete GIS solution for users having a focus on Andhra Pradesh.

Spinfo Andhra Pradesh 2002 is a GIS product, combining easy to use features and digital maps and related information on the state of Andhra Pradesh. The product provides a complete State Level Map, and a separate map of each District. Desktop and Client-Server versions of the application are available.

The map layers available are State, District, Revenue Divisions,Mandals, Town Boundaries, Village Boundaries, and Roads classified as National Highways, State Highways, and Other Roads. Tabular data attached to the map features include demographic details, and district economic profiles.

Software Features include Map Interaction Tools, Map Analysis Tools,Import Tabular Data, Map Annotation, and Print Tool.