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Spime releases platform for LBS app developers

US: Spime Inc., the leading provider of location-based service (LBS) technology, announced the availability of its MapMan LBS SDK. It is integrated with cloud based services and applications. Now available as an SDK, the platform allows developers to incorporate location intelligence and to create innovative location enabled applications and services for Smartphones, Tablets, Slates, Netbooks, Notebooks and Desktop PCs.

The MapMan Platform provides advanced LBS functionalities including positioning, map display, point of interests (POIs) and address search, reverse geocoding, routing, re-routing, textual and voice guided turn by turn navigation, location based advertising and Web based dynamic content and overlays.

Vibrant 3rd party ecosystems can be created and monetised with the MapMan LBS SDK. The fully documented and comprehensive SDK includes over 80 APIs, reference applications and ready support for 18 languages. “Powerful APIs make it easy for the developers with no location expertise to quickly integrate LBS functionality including pre-integrated content, voice guided turn by turn navigation, Spime Cloud Based Services and more,” said Venkateswaran Kasirajan, Spime’s Vice President of Engineering.

Developers can build differentiated applications and services without the up-front investment to develop software that integrates complex content (for example 3D functionality). Additionally, Spime’s tightly coupled cloud-based services provide the mechanism for monetisation and funds settlement.

Source: Spime