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Speech and sketch interface to facilitate faster mission planning

US: Adapx, the leader in natural user interfaces for data capture, announced new speech and sketch interfaces to speed mission planning data capture with Google Earth, Command Post of the Future (CPOF) and the Army”s Replay Application Framework. With speech and sketch interfaces, soldiers can point to a location on a touchscreen map and simply speak the name of a unit or an ISR observation. The Adapx software automatically creates an object in the native ISR, planning or GIS database with the proper geospatial attributes. Sketched symbols become geo-registered MIL-STD 2525 symbols. Commanders can also add attributes to sketched objects by simply speaking as they sketch. A simple line becomes more when commanders say “main attack,” “company boundary,” or thousands of other natural commands as they draw.

With the new interface, soldiers can enter intelligence and planning data into existing C4ISR and Command and Control (C2) systems by simply sketching standard military symbols and speaking standard jargon.

“When soldiers plan and execute missions with sophisticated computing systems, they often struggle with cumbersome devices and inconsistent keyboard- and menu-driven interfaces,” said Ken Schneider, CEO, Adapx. “With our new speech and sketch interfaces for Google Earth, Replay, and CPOF, it”s even easier for commanders to enter data into command and control, battlefield simulation, and C4ISR systems,” he added.

Adapx also provides Capturx Forms and GIS solutions to military and civilian teams for instantly capturing and sharing data on paper- and tablet-based forms and paper maps.

Source: Market Wire