Spectrum and Fugro announce joint west coast of India acquisition

Spectrum and Fugro announce joint west coast of India acquisition


India – Spectrum and Fugro have announced a joint proposal to undertake a new multi-client, long offset, 2D seismic survey off the west coast of India at the Geo India Conference and Exhibition at Greater Noida, New Delhi.

The proposed survey, which will be completed prior to the onset of the 2009 monsoon, comprises of approximately 12,000 km of seismic data in the under-explored west coast. It will be conducted in conjunction with the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons (DGH), India.

The west coast India survey complements Spectrum’s 2007 reprocessing project which revealed previously unseen plays below the basalt. These deeper events will be targeted using a 10-12 km streamer.

Charles Harmer, Spectrum’s Head of Multi-Client Services, discussed the venture: “Our 2007 reprocessing together with satellite imagery have discovered plays and generated new interest in the under-explored West coast. We have planned this project jointly with Fugro to precede the next NELP licensing round”.

Spectrum recently reprocessed 12,000 kms of existing 2D data covering acreage off the West coast of India which was included in the NELP VII bid round. The techniques employed provided a dramatic increase in data quality.